The Jersey Express inaugural Hall of Fame Class of 2014
The Jersey Express Soccer organization Board of directors has announced its inaugural Hall of Fame Class

Springfield NJ, February  18, 2014 – The Jersey Express Soccer organization Board of directors has announced its inaugural Hall of Fame Class, which includes four individuals.


The four individuals who will be honored as a part of the first ever Jersey Express hall of fame class are: Laventure, Jerrod , Karcz, Christopher, Coulibaly, Abdoulaye and  Ovenseri, Joseph.


The selections were made by the Jersey Express Hall of Fame committee, after careful examination of several nominees.


The Hall of Fame induction ceremony will take place in March  2014 date  loaction and time TBA shortley







All-time appearances:


Laventure, Jerrod 56 games (5 seasons)

Karcz, Christopher 56 games (6 seasons)

Niouky, Louis Joseph 41 games (3 seasons)

Ovenseri, Joseph 40 games (4 seasons)

Ruesgen, Joseph 39 games (3 seasons)

Otto, Ansger 35 games (3 seasons)

Coulibaly, Abdoulaye 34 games (3 seasons)


All-time top goalscorers:


Laventure, Jerrod 32

Karcz, Christopher 26

Ovenseri, Joseph 22

Otto, Ansger 10

Dacres, Kadeem 7

Keegan, Jake 7



All-time top points leader:


Laventure, Jerrod 76 points

Karcz, Christopher 60 points

Ovenseri, Joseph 49 points

Coulibaly, Abdoulaye 37 points

Otto, Ansger 26 points


All-time top minutes appearances:


Karcz, Christopher 4667 Minutes played

Laventure, Jerrod 4433 Minutes played

Grato, Kyle S 3464 Minutes played

Niouky, Louis Joseph 3189 Minutes played

Ruesgen, Joseph 2969 Minutes played

Meara, Ryan 2510 Minutes played

Coulibaly, Abdoulaye 2334 Minutes played

Ovenseri, Joseph 1833 Minutes played



All-time top assists leader:


Coulibaly, Abdoulaye 17

Laventure, Jerrod 11

Karcz, Christopher 8



All-time top points earned per game appearances:


Laventure, Jerrod 1.35 points per game played

Ovenseri, Joseph 1.22 points per game played

Coulibaly, Abdoulaye 1.08 points per game played

Karcz, Christopher 1.07 points per game played

Otto, Ansger 0.79 points per game played



All-time top minute’s appearances per point earned:



Ovenseri, Joseph 37.4 min per point

Coulibaly, Abdoulaye 63.08 min per point

Laventure, Jerrod 73.9 min. per point

otto Ansger 74.5 min per point

Karcz, Christopher 77.8 min. per point


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