The Jersey Express are pleased to announced that it has hired Dr. Louis Rizio as Team Physician.

The Jersey Express are pleased to announced that it has hired Dr. Louis Rizio as Team Physician and formed a partnership with the Summit Medical Group.


“I’m excited to have been asked to be the official team physician of the Jersey Express and their multiple groups in the different ages,” Rizio said. “I’m also excited to have SMG partner as my home group in a multi-specialty way. The group is very large with physicians in all areas of medicine and specialties. We have facilities in multiple counties and have a lot of opportunities to care for the team and its affiliates in ways that are unprecedented.”


Rizio, who is the owner and director of the Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Livingston, NJ, has been the head physician for NJIT for nearly a decade. Over the course of his career, Rizio has worked with NJCU, the University of Miami, the Miami Dolphins and Miami Marlins.


“It just made sense. What he adds to the table is (significant),” Jersey Express general manager Gali Maimon said. “he’ll work together with our training staff and the players willl get very good care. The medical group that he’s with (Summit Medical Group), is a huge group that does a lot with physical therapy and rehab. It only makes sense. Both of us can benefit from this relationship.”




According to its website, the Summit Medical Group has more than 550 practitioners and 2,000 employees, allowing the group to provide more than 80 different medical specialties and services. Overall, Summit Medical Group has more than 65 different locations throughout North and Central New Jersey.

“I’m looking forward to bringing my passion for sports medicine and my expertise to the Express, combined with SMG’s multi-specialty practice,”Rizio said. “Handling sports-related injuries from an orthopedic standpoint is just one aspect of this. Having a group where any illness, any injury, any non-orthopedic problem can be handled in one group seamlessly. I don’t think a lot of teams benefit from that.”


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