Sporting Director

George Vichniakov The Jersey Express who have and continue to compete in the Premier Development League (PDL) for the past five years and the National Soccer Academy who have been competing in the Super Y League for the past two years will be revamping their organization structure.
For the fast five years, the Express have been one of the most successful minor league soccer franchises in NJ and this organizational change is aimed at uniting the soccer community in New Jersey and The National Soccer Academy organization.

“Through our professional coaching services we will continue to offer training, clinics and camp services to all clubs, organizations and townships throughout the Monmouth county, New Jersey area,” said Gali Maimon, the General Manager of the NSA Organization. “We want to help develop players of all ages and abilities, and share our knowledge with all players and coaches no matter what team or club they play for.”

George Vichniakov, the Jersey Express head coach of the PDL team for the last five years has been promoted to Sporting Director and will focus his effort on player development. During George’s five years as head coach, George has led the Express to four playoffs , one time to the final eight. His record as a PDL Head coach is 47 Wins, 15 Losses, and 18 Ties. He holds a very imprresive record and we hope he can spread that success in his new role as Sporting Director. “I am taking my new roll with a lot of pride, exitment and ambtion to help the community and compliment all clubs and organizations in the area to the achieve their own agenda and goals, said Vichniakov.” The Jersey Express PDL team head coach position has been filled by Mr. Cesar Markovic. “Youth soccer in Monmouth County in New Jersey is very competitive and there are a number of very well-run clubs,” said Maimon. “Our goal is to assist these clubs on soccer-specific issues and unite the soccer community in support of our PDL team which showcases the best collegiate and minor league talent during the summer months.”

We don’t want to compete with existing club teams, but rather be a complement and partners to them. As with our professional coaching services, we want to work with all clubs, organizations and townships to identify the elite players and provide them with an opportunity that has not been available to them until now. The National Soccer Academy will have boys and girls teams at the under 12-17 levels in addition to boys and girls teams in the United Soccer Leagues’ Super-20 League. After reconstructing our organizational structure, we look forward to executing our missions, goals, and values to all clubs and organizations in the Monmouth County, New Jersey community.